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Technological Security Operation Section


Activities of the Section

  1. Provision of consultancies and preparation and forwarding of technical studies among feasibility studies of physical construction projects and security plans.

  2. Preparation of technological/technical and financial offers for clients.

  3. Following up the Company’s website in terms of technical aspects.


Installation and Maintenance of Tech. Equipments & Device System

    1. Access control systems.

    2. Time attendance systems.

    3. CCTV systems.

    4. Intruder detection systems.

    5. Document & passport verification systems.

    6. Integration and development of systems.

    7. Parking management systems.

    8. QMS.

    9. X-ray Baggage & parcel inspection.

    10. Security equipments.

    11. Metal and explosives detectors.

    12. Telephone communications systems.

    13. Audio and video intercom system.

    14. GPS vehicles tracker.

    15. Intercom system.

    16. Cashier & accounting system.

    17. Magnetic cards system.


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