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Vehicles’ Tracking System


  • The Technical Administration, after obtaining the required license from the National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC), has entered into tracking systems and executed national projects with great organs.


  1. The device has ISO certificate.
  2. It tracks vehicles in case of stealing.
  3. The possibility of stopping engine through a programme.
  4. Providing and programming vehicles with an alarm system so as to peep should the vehicle need to change oil/fuel/batteries/tires.
  5. The possibility of making a boundary for vehicles.
  6. The device has 3D remote sensor.
  7. The kilometers gauge shall not be affected by the device.
  8. The possibility of limiting the vehicle’s speed and when exceeding the limited speed, the device shall send an alarm to your mobile phone or email, which one is set.
  9. A map for determining the vehicle’s track.
  10. The possibility of determining the location of the vehicle by a vibration device.
  11. There are daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports on the direction of the vehicle, number of kilometers and can be reversed to a number of years.
  12. The programme is available in Arabic, English and other seven languages.
  13. The device is designed to bear till 90C.
  14. Training on usage of the device, follow up and maintenance are provided by the Company’s technicians.


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