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Hygiene & Environment Sanitation Section

The section can conduct the following cleaning operations


  1. Cleaning of outdoor squares and parks.

  2. Cleaning and polishing doors, windows and glass.

  3. Washing and sterilizing toilets as well as removing spots and erosion.

  4. Cleaning and washing carpets.

  5. Cleaning swimming pools.

  6. Cleaning and polishing furniture.

  7. Removing and polishing painting spots from tiles and ceramic.

  8. Controlling cockroaches and termites.

  9. Controlling flies and mosquitoes inside and outside rooms.

  10. Sterilizing bathrooms, toilets and manholes.

  11. Removing effects of construction and painting from roofs and polishing them.

  12. Cleaning companies, institutions and buildings of public and private sectors.

  13. Cleaning floors and staircases.

  14. Removing debris from sites.

  15. Cleaning and drying sofas and sitting sets.

  16. Providing tissues.

  17. Providing air fresheners.

Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. can execute landscaping operations.


  • Local/foreign workers.

Cleaning System:

Daily/weekly/monthly/ as requested.

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