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Future Visions


Pioneering in provision of security services with good performance to contribute to support the national security of the country and to place the Company among the international security companies. We, further, seek to achieve distinction and excellence compared with the Sudanese security companies by entering into effective partnership with a foreign security company with the aim of achieving the international purposes in accordance with the international standards and systems. We, also, seek to reactivate security operations as one of the key elements of integrated security services and to enter into investment and economic projects.


Our Services

  • Food Administration

    The Coptrade Company Food Administration was established in 1999 to provide prisoners’ food. It contributed with the following.

  • Civil Defense Operations

    Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. is a Sudanese company specialized in importation and installation of safety, security and fire fighting systems

  • Guarding and Securing Public establishments


    To ensure that we protect the institutions in the public and private sector threats from potential security and risk, company management proceeded to activate the role next to the application of training curriculum includes a variety of security issues to eventually lead to the graduation of qualified security staff able to carry out the tasks and duties of the security guard institutions .


  • Hygiene &Enviroment Sanitation Section

    Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. is considered a leading company in the field of Hygiene and environment sanitation for they are of great importance and because peoples and their civilizations are measured by Hygiene operations

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