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Civil Defense Operations

Civil Defense Operations

 Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. is a Sudanese company specialized in importation and installation of safety, security and fire fighting systems. It owns a maintenance workshop and a factory equipped with all equipments relating to the company’s

activities in addition to well-qualified technical cadres, stock of fire fighting, safety and security equipments and devices. It conducts training sessions on safety, security and filling of fire fighting extinguishers, as well as:-

  1. Provision and installation of fire fighting systems.

  2. Provision and installation of fire alarm systems.

  3. Provision of professional safety equipments (coats, shoes, helmets).

  4. Maintenance of all types and different sizes of fire fighting extinguishers.

  5. Provision of all spare parts required for maintenance.

  6. The Company provides a 6-month guarantee for fire fighting extinguishers.

  7. Dry supply system.

  8. Water fighting technologies.

  9. Sprinkler system (water foam).

  10. Reels of hoses system.

  11. Gas detection system.

  12. Rebuilding of fire protection system.

  13. Searching and maintenance of fire equipments.

  14. Setting up of a lightning rod.

  15. Early alarm system (installation – maintenance).

  16. Offering fewer prices compared with other markets.


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