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Tasks & Duties of Guard

Tasks and Duties of Guard

  1. Full recognition of security plans axes.

  2. Full benefit from security work aids.

Duties of Workforce in case of accidents


  • Shutting off power, if possible.

  • Locating source, size and type of fire.

  • Fighting fire by the appropriate extinguishers.

  • Reporting details of accident to the Operations Room at the Company’s headquarters.

  • Evacuating the site, if necessary.


Assault, Theft & Robbery Cases


  • Arresting the assaulters and if not, you have to make sure of his features or register the plate number, model or type of the car…etc.
  • Immediate inspection of the site and specify various points of entry and egress.
  • Contact the Operations Rooms, transfer of information in details and register the same in the log book.  

 Explosion Cases 

  • Contacting the Operation Room at the Company’s headquarters immediately.
  • Providing first aid.
  • Securing the crime scene till arrival of the police.

  Suspicion in Strange objects like explosive substances

  • Do not touch the substance.
  • Evacuating the site from the strange objects.
  • Notifying the Operation Room at the Company’s headquarters and contacting the concerned authorities immediately.

 Cases of Telephone calls of Bomb or Explosives Threats

  • The receiver of the telephone call should be a good listener, make the time of call longer so as to recognize the language and accent of the caller and to determine any sounds behind the call (TV – Radio…etc.).
  • Notifying the Operation Room at the Company’s headquarters without disclosing the information to any person till making sure that the security threat exists really.
  • Recording all notes and circumstances of the accident in the log book at site.

 Reception Responsibilities

The reception offices at institutions and facilities represent its interface and address for the receptionist is the first person met by clients and visitors. Thus he should be efficient, polite, effective, good at dealing with others and well-trained.


Tasks & Duties of Receptionist

  1. Responding to calls from inside the institution.

  2. Receiving and dispatching all the institution’s correspondences (in/out).

  3. Assisting in preparation and holding of meetings inside and outside the institution.

  4. Helping visitor when they depart the institution by calling taxi or limousine for them.

  5. Recording visitors and making sure that they have permission to entry “entry/egress”.


Other Activities:

  • Guarding transfer of money.
  • Bodyguards.







Our Services

  • Food Administration

    The Coptrade Company Food Administration was established in 1999 to provide prisoners’ food. It contributed with the following.

  • Civil Defense Operations

    Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. is a Sudanese company specialized in importation and installation of safety, security and fire fighting systems

  • Guarding and Securing Public establishments


    To ensure that we protect the institutions in the public and private sector threats from potential security and risk, company management proceeded to activate the role next to the application of training curriculum includes a variety of security issues to eventually lead to the graduation of qualified security staff able to carry out the tasks and duties of the security guard institutions .


  • Hygiene &Enviroment Sanitation Section

    Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. is considered a leading company in the field of Hygiene and environment sanitation for they are of great importance and because peoples and their civilizations are measured by Hygiene operations

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