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Drillings & Metals Exploration Administration

The Company’s Machineries & Equipments to Implement Drilling Projects:



  • “3”  DANDOW T. 24. W.T.10 Excavators.
  • “2” new HAVLOTTE excavators.
  • All excavators are Rotary Top Head Drive and equipped with Hammer Drilling System.
  • All excavators are double designed with different efficiency for “Mud Pump” and “Compressor”.


Trucks & Vehicles:

  • “4” MAN trucks with capacity 33 tons.
  • “4” MAN trucks with capacity 3000 gallons.
  • “4” pick-up land rovers.
  • “4” double cab land rovers.
  • The Company has a full reserve of resources and equipments required for drilling works.



  • The Company’s cadres are the best drilling engineers and geologists who, previously, worked for Water Provision Authority and the National Company. They have long professional experiences in all Sudan’s states.


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