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Training Programs

Training Program Stages

  • General training program.
  • Monthly training program.
  • Weekly training program.
  • Social programs.

The Company’s General Training Program

  • Security of establishments – physical security.
  • Security of individuals.
  • Security of documents and information.
  • Observation and description.
  • Reporting.
  • Reception office management.
  • Security of offices.
  • Security of communications.
  • Securing and guarding V.I.P.
  • Securing and guarding transfer of money.
  • Dealing with technological devices (Access control).
  • Dealing with communications equipments.
  • Dealing with Civil Defense equipments.
  • Internal security operations.
  • Tasks and duties of supervisors and personnel.
  • Security and safety operations.
  • Firs aid.

Provision of Trainers & Specialized Cadres from inside and outside the Company

  • Among the cadres of Awab Security Services Co. Ltd. are retired police officers who are university graduates and have accumulated experience acquired from their work in the police.

Education Aids: 

  • Training classes and hall, lectures and playgrounds – available.
  • Preparation of full training program.
  • Provision of equipments, mechanisms and tools that support training programs.
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