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Civil Defense Operations

Types of Extinguishers


  1. 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher.

  2. 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher.

  3. 6kg CO2 fire extinguisher.

  4. 10kg CO2 trolley.

  5. 1kg powder fire extinguisher.

  6. 2kg powder fire extinguisher.

  7. 4.5kg powder fire extinguisher.

  8. 6kg powder fire extinguisher.

  9. 25kg powder trolley.

  10. 50kg powder trolley.

  11. 50L foam trolley.

  12. 100L foam trolley.

    After Sale Services:

The Company provides a set of after sale services in order to enter into a successful partnerships with its clients. The services include:-

  1. Regular follow-up every three months – free of charge.

  2. Maintenance after guarantee period by 25% less than the prevailing prices.

  3. Training workers on correct usage of equipments to evade potential security threats and risks.

  4. Using alternatives for fire extinguishers till providing the required quantities.

  5. Using stickers specifying date of review, maintenance and validity.

  6. Transporting, distributing and installing fire extinguishers inside Khartoum State – free of charge.

  7. Conducting full maintenance and filling process (maintenance/spare parts/paints).

  8. Providing the factory’s services to our clients 24 hrs.

  9. The Company is, now, providing a mobile maintenance workshop, if necessary.

  Safety and security operations are integral part of buildings security, which is called Integrated Security Services, let’s step forward towards the safety of our buildings and institutions from risks of fire and deterioration of our national economy.


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